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Stormflow Driveway Solves Residential Stormwater Issue

July 3, 2021

Porous Driveway fixes stormwater issue

Back in 2020, Chris from Kitchener, Ontario came to us about a drainage/stormwater issue he was having. Chris explained “We are dealing with drainage/water issues due to his neighbours downspout, and our driveway sloping towards the house instead of away from it”. Chris also explained that during heavy rainfall, he had to scoop buckets of water out of his garage and onto the front of the property to avoid his house flooding. This sounded like a severe stormwater issue so we wanted to help him out in any way we could.

Our team repaired and replaced Chris’ driveway by removing the previous concrete, extending the pathway area to the porch, and adding 4” of crushed stone to the base. After the base prep was done, 2” of black Stormflow Surfacing went on top. In addition, a drainage tile was installed in front of the garage to guarantee no flooding would happen again.

After the installation, Chris’ driveway was now highly permeable and porous as our research shows that 5,700 gallons of water per hour runs right through it. An additional bonus was that Stormflow Surfacing performs well in winter. Snow, ice, and extreme cold are no problem for Stormflow Surfacing as both the recycled tire fragments and the proprietary binder remain flexible even under extremely cold conditions. This means Stormflow Surfacing will not crack or develop potholes under extreme temperature changes and retains its strength acting like one big expansion joint. Ice and snow can also be removed safely with any shovel, snowblower or plow. An additional bonus is that approximately 300 tires are saved from the landfill for every 1,000 square foot Stormflow Surfacing driveway. For more information on product maintenance, click here.

driveway and pathway for residential Porous Pave install

Chris expressed his gratitude stating that: 

“After 2 big thunderstorms, I would like to thank Jim and his team for solving our drainage issues and upgrading our home with a beautiful new driveway (made of recycled tires) that allows water to filter through it instead of needing to direct it somewhere else. 3-year warranty, we also qualified to get the maximum credit on our stormwater bill. Definitely something to look at if you are thinking of getting a new driveway”.

It was a successful installation, and we were thrilled to hear that Chris’ stormwater drainage issues were resolved with the help of Stormflow Surfacing. We look forward to continuing to install permeable surfaces to help solve customer problems.

More about Stormwater Management Credits:

Many municipalities in Ontario offer credits for homeowners to reduce stormwater runoff from their driveways. Permeable surfacing like Stormflow Surfacing allow water to percolate through versus traditional hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete etc.) where rain goes directly across the surface into drains. Stormflow Surfacing is a great solution to reduce stormwater runoff for these overwhelmed systems. Examples of stormwater management credits for your driveway:

City of Kitchener

City of Waterloo


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