For Your Home

Our product can provide a resistant and non-slip finish for your driveway, patios, or any paving job you may have. With up to a 3-year warranty, it is perfect for all Canadian weather conditions.

2″ New

Durable surface is perfect for driveways or light vehicle use in residential.

1.5″ New

Beautiful surface recommended for patios, walkways, pathways, fire pit surrounds and other non driving applications.

1″ Overpour
on Existing Surfaces

Install over existing concrete and asphalt. A cost effective way to cover cracked & uneven surfaces without the expense and mess of a tear-out.

driveway and pathway for residential

Residential Benefits

  • Flexible & Durable for residential applications
  • Cures in 24 hours cold mix so it does not have the smell like asphalt
  • Resists crumbling/cracking which reduces trip and fall accidents
  • Slip resistant because of the grip created by the rubber surface.
  • Resistant to oil, chlorine, ozone, UV rays, muriatic acid, transmission fluid, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic fluid, salt water and many other hostile materials.
  • Flexible enough to handle freeze/thaw cycles of Canadian winters.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Visit our FAQs page for any questions you have regarding our product

How do I get it installed?
Reach out and we will direct you to a local installer in your area.