Helping the Environment

We are proud of using recycled tires. This keeps these tires out of landfill and helps the circular economy. We also realize how important it is to create solutions for stormwater management issues. We help municipalities and individuals slow down the flow of rainwater and keep the environment healthy too.

Proudly Canadian

Our recycled tires come from Ontario. For out of province projects we source local tires and stone whenever possible. The tires go through a tightly controlled shredding process to remove 99% of the steel fragments and produce 1/4″ to 3/8″ nominal size rubber chip.

The stone used in our mixes is Ontario granite.

Our Solution

Stormflow Surfacing offers cities the ability to reduce the stormwater load caused by increased rain events due to climate change. Cities are also using an environmentally friendly solution using recycled tires to meet this need. We believe we can continue to have a positive impact on the environment with this green technology.

Pathway on environment and apartment

Why should we care?

It is our mission to help to solve stormwater issues for municipalities and homeowners. Climate change has necessitated innovation, including replacing hard surfaces with permeable options. Hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt cause all rainwater to run quickly into undersized stormwater drains. These antiquated systems were not built for these huge rain events.

With increased storms caused by climate change, more often storm sewers go into an emergency mode which diverts all untreated stormwater into nearby rivers and lakes. This includes garbage that has been swept up along the way. In the City of Toronto for example, 23% of the city has combined sewers (only 1 pipe for sewage and stormwater). This means during heavy rain events raw sewage is flowing into waterways.

Stormwater Management

The unique design of the material allows the entire surface area to be porous which allows an amazing 5,800 gallons of water per hour to pass through each square foot of surface area. This diminishes water runoff by allowing water to soak through to the base layer of gravel and then through to the ground. Stormflow Surfacing reduces the need for separate retention areas which increases usable square footage of your site.