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Stratford Porous Stormwater Driveway

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Stormflow Surfacing materials are low maintenance, durable, highly permeable and slip resistant. Water flows through to the ground below instead of to the overwhelmed municipal stormwater system. Some municipalities even offer rebates on your stormwater bill for installing a permeable driveway.

Stormflow Surfacing is made from recycled tires, stone aggregate and a proprietary binder cold mixed on site. We are determined to keep our driveways sustainable and environmentally friendly for stormwater drainage.

It can be installed as a new driveway or patio or over existing concrete, asphalt and wood. No need for removal of previous surface, saving money and downtime.

Stormflow Surfacing was made for Canadian winters. Snow, ice, extreme cold and constant freeze/thaw are not an issue for Stormflow Surfacing. Both the recycled tire fragments and the proprietary binder remain flexible even under extremely cold conditions. This means your Stormflow Surface will not crack or develop potholes under extreme temperature changes and retains its strength even over multiple freeze/thaw cycles acting like one big expansion joint. Melting snow runs right through the surface preventing ice from building up. It can be applied in temperatures between 10-32ºC and generally cures in 24 hours.

Ice & snow can be removed safely with any shovel, snowblower or plow. See Maintenance Details.

Our surfacing product also comes with a 3 Year Warranty…

To see examples of how Stormflow Surfacing is a great choice for driveways, visit our blog.

If you have any more questions about your driveway, view our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us directly.

PRICING – we are a premium product. Our price is more expensive than asphalt and closer to stamped concrete pricing.

Available in Multiple Colours for your Driveway

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black recycled tires


black brown recycled tires


red black recycled tires


black green recycled tires