Stratford Permeable Stormwater Driveway

Our Story

We started Stormflow Surfacing in Canada because we knew there was a better way. We weren’t happy that our asphalt driveway was full of cracks, and concrete seemed to cause more drainage problems. Using recycled tires to create driveways and help solve stormwater runoff issues made so much sense to us. No one was doing this in Canada, so we formed our own company Stormflow Surfacing to bring permeable rubber surfacing to the market.

After 9 years our driveway still looks beautiful. It stands up to our harsh Ontario winters and is easy to shovel off snow. It isn’t slippery as the melted water drains through. We have since put in a patio overpour and a firepit. The product is so easy to work with, it allowed us to do some interesting artistic pieces with diamond inlays and a border.  

The opportunities for this product are limited only by the imagination

“It pours like cement so it can be installed as a continuous flow and you can implement designs seamlessly. You can achieve a smooth finish and benefit from a permeable surface, with no standing water, no weeds and no cracks. This is far superior to what can be achieved with concrete or brick pavers”.

Jim has been able to create multiple different designs using Stormflow Surfacing’s custom colour mixes and here are a few examples from our Surfacing Colours Collection:

gray black commercial colour


brown tan commercial colour


black brown commercial colour


cypress black commercial colour


Jim & Julie Stormflow Surfacing Pavers
Becky Shaw CEO

More About Our Team

Jim Roth is a retired tool & die maker and was a partner in Little Lakes Machine and Tool, where he worked for over 40 years. His background in precision tooling motivated him to develop a better way to install Stormflow Surfacing and create a custom paving machine.

Before her retirement, Julie Redfern worked in international development finance and currently supports the finance and admin function for Stormflow Surfacing. She spent years living and working in Africa with The Peace Corps, and Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA). Her personal interests in this product come from the fact it is environmentally friendly and offers environmental sustainability.

Jim & Julie are very interested in landscape design and have done some beautiful work in their own backyard. The aesthetic values of permeable rubber surfacing are what continue to drive their interest in using the product for landscaping projects.


Becky Shaw is our CEO. Becky installed a parking area at her own home and fell in love with the product and the potential for the business. Her background working with small businesses as well at large corporations such as BlackBerry has been invaluable. She manages all aspects of sales and marketing as well as strategic direction.

What We Stand For

Integrity – we have a 3 year warranty for our customers and stand behind our certified installers. We are constantly improving our product through research to become even better permeable pavers.

Sustainability & the Environment – we are proud of using 300 recycled tires for every 1000 sq feet of Stormflow Surfacing. This keeps these tires out of landfill and helps the circular economy. We also realize how important it is to create solutions for stormwater management issues. We help municipalities and individuals slow down the flow of rainwater. As permeable pavers, we give an alternative to asphalt and concrete.

Read more about how we help keep the environment healthy.


Permeable Fire Pit Surround Surface