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Trinity Village Retirement Home Pathway – A Case Study

February 28, 2023

Trinity Village retirement home pathway Kitchener Ontario

About the Project/Client

A local landscaper requested our product for the Trinity Village Care Centre to provide a sustainable and durable paving for this retirement home in Kitchener, Ontario. The pathway had become a hazard due to mature tree roots heaving the asphalt. There were few options to preserve the tees and also make the pathway safe. They chose Stormflow Surfacing because of the environmental benefits as well as the added safety provided by the rubber paving. This project required a permeable and slip resistant pathway surface for the seniors centre. The residents wanted to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of slips and falls.

tree root that had heaved asphaltPreparation

Areas of the pavement that had lifted due to tree roots were carefully cut out (to preserve the tree). These areas were backfilled with clear crushed stone. The pathway was cleaned to ensure adherence to Stormflow Surfacing. The architectural design was outlined by using edging to keep the curved design of the pathway.




Trinity Village pathway during installation of the overpourInstallation

This project was completed over a span of 3 days due to extra preparation required. We were able to access this back courtyard with our small equipment, and reduce the impact on the residents as it is cured in just 24 hours. The paving was a black 1” overpour on top of asphalt and was a total of 2700 sq ft. Overall, the project used approximately 8,438 lbs of rubber, equating to roughly 700 tires.


Impact of our Solution

Installing Stormflow Surfacing at Trinity Village provided extra safety for the seniors due to the slip resistant paving as well as the new, level surface. The retirement home consisted of a large courtyard with mature trees. These trees have large roots below the ground. The trees caused asphalt cracks and heaves which  made it unsafe for walking. Due to the beauty and importance of these trees, Stormflow Surfacing found a solution to work around the trees, thereby offering a low impact solution. The crew cut out the areas where the asphalt was heaving without damaging any of the tree roots! Our team worked cautiously around the trees and successfully did no harm towards the trees throughout the entire installation process. Our solution was so successful, we are looking at further projects at this location.

Trinity Village retirement home pathway

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