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Permeable Dog Run at Toronto Condominium

August 30, 2021

Toronto Condo Dog Run Green Porous Pave

Do you live in a high rise building and have a pet dog? Do you struggle to find a convenient space nearby for your dog to do their business and run around freely? Whether you answered yes or no, this is a struggle for a lot of dog owners living in apartments and this was the case for a new building in Toronto.

Liberty Village Condominium Dog Run

Liberty Village Condominium

The new apartment building is located at 39 East Liberty, Toronto. The majority of the surrounding area was already under construction, so it was great timing to put down a dog run using Stormflow Surfacing. A dog run can be described as a safe space for dogs to exercise and play off-leash when no access to a full backyard is available – which is applicable for those living in apartments. The permeable surface is perfect for a dog run. Solid waste picks up easily and Stormflow Surfacing can be cleaned with water.

Stormflow Surfacing was the perfect surface for this dog run as it’s an eco-friendly and sustainable surface material made from recycled rubber tires. Additionally, we have conducted research & testing with the University of Waterloo, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and found that Stormflow Surfacing passed the porosity test with up to 27-29% void space. Furthermore, it also passed the ASTM D-2047 slip resistant test, which is perfect as this space would be for dogs to run around on meaning it needed good traction to avoid slipping. While the surface would be dedicated to dogs, the Stormflow Surfacing product will maintain its beauty, functionality, and offer little maintenance in the long run.

After the base prep was completed by the contractor, 2” of green Stormflow Surfacing was put down and cured within 24-hours. Green porous surfacing was strategically chosen as it beautifully mimics the look of grass without having to worry about lawn maintenance. What a great application of our product.

The result was a convenient, highly porous, and beautiful dog run for pet owners residing in this new sky-high apartment in downtown Toronto.

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