Sidewalks & Pathways

Permeable, durable, flexible, hard-wearing, low maintenance surfacing material

Ideal for sidewalk installation projects

sidewalk pathway install

Application is a Breeze

Stormflow Surfacing can be applied over existing concrete, asphalt and wood; making removal of old surfacing not necessary. A 4-man installation crew can install 3,000 square feet per day.

A Slip Resistant – ADA compliant (ASTM – D-2047) porous material – which lessens the chance of accidents. It’s tested at SPLP (1312) – material components, were below groundwater maximum contaminant levels.

Stormflow Surfacing sidewalks border well with sand, water, grass, natural stone, plants, trees, shrubs, cedar chips and more!

Foxboro Pathway Surface
Sidewalk Pathway Boston Ave Toronto
Pathway Waterloo Eco-friendly Pave
Pathway King Street Stratford
Leamington permeable pathway in green
Trinity Village Kitchener Overpour
Mitchell sidewalk
Stoney Creek Playground