Stormflow Surfacing is a permeable pavement company which prides themselves on an environmentally friendly product made from recycled tires.

Environmentally Friendly Driveways

Reduce the damage that stormwater run-off causes on the environment. Stormflow Surfacing prevents water surface issues by allowing stormwater to pass right through.

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We are working to help cities solve storm water runoff issues. By using porous surfaces we help storm water return to the ground rather than overwhelm sewers. Using recycled tired in our product, we provide both a productive way to manage rubber waste, and a means to support the circular economy.

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Inspired by Nature, Designer Colours Collection

You can mix and match to create colour combinations. Stormflow Surfacing is pourable within forms to express creative designs, in permeable pavement with distinctive shapes in different colours. See our collection…

black surfacing colour


green surfacing colour


brown surfacing colour


cypress surfacing colour


red recycled tires


blue surfacing colour


tan surfacing colour


gray surfacing colour