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One of our installers in Toronto – It’s Gardenzilla to the rescue!

January 13, 2023

gardenzilla Toronto Stormflow Surfacing installer


gardenzilla Toronto Stormflow Surfacing installer

July 1, 2022, Leaside Life

“Just recently, they became one of Toronto’s certified residential installers of Stormflow permeable resurfacing. This is a locally made recycled product with a wide range of environmental benefits, including a reduction in water runoff. It’s used to overcoat existing surfaces or create new driveways, paths, patios or any surface you want to make permeable.”

Perhaps you’re having trouble controlling a monster shrub that quickly outgrew its space. Maybe your garden is suddenly full of weeds because you’re just too busy. How about that overly demanding lawn? Whatever your garden battles, Gardenzilla will come to the rescue!

Their mission is to make sustainable landscape services accessible and affordable for busy families and homeowners. And they’re right here in Leaside after moving to the ’hood from East York a few years ago!

Check out the Gardenzilla website and you will find all of the services they provide along with upfront pricing (no guessing, no surprises) or you can simply request a quote for a specific job. It’s fast and easy!”

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