Commercial & Municipal Applications

Our permeable surfacing can be used for pedestrian and vehicle uses. We have the research and design experience to work with you on any project.

Aurora Armoury Striped Porous Surface

There are many commercial uses of Stormflow Surfacing including sidewalks & trails, tree surrounds, parking lots & golf course pathways and bunker liners.

The installation details are different for applications depending if they are an overpour, walking paths or for vehicular traffic. Check out our installation drawings for more specifications.

1″ of Stormflow Surface – Overpour on existing surfaces
As an overpour on existing concrete & asphalt. A cost effective way to cover cracked surfaces without the expense and mess of a tear-out.

1.5″ of Stormflow Surface
Recommended for patios & golf cart paths.

2″ of Stormflow Surface
For commercial applications, vehicle traffic areas, sidewalks, and trail/pathways

The commercial opportunities for this product are limited only by the imagination

“It pours like cement so it can be installed as a continuous flow and you can implement designs seamlessly. You can achieve a smooth finish and benefit from a permeable surface, with no standing water, no weeds and no cracks. This is far superior to what can be achieved with concrete or brick pavers”.

Jim has been able to create multiple different designs using Stormflow Surfacing’s custom colour mixes and here are a few examples from our Surfacing Colours Collection:

gray black commercial colour


brown tan commercial colour


black brown commercial colour


cypress black commercial colour